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About The Uglier Truth

The Uglier Truth was originally conceived by me and an acquaintance over a year ago. That acquaintance discovered they didn't have the stomach for self-improvement and bailed.
    Not having enough money to emigrate to Europe and not having the guts to become a serial killer, I needed an outlet for my frustration. While working as a web contractor at various institutions (who the hell isn't nowadays) I noticed something I'd always suspected; Americans are frightened, spineless, superficial, immature, self-absorbed, (insert favourite adjective here) sheep who are as afraid of real individuals as they are of terrorists. I also realized that they are, for the most part, miserable. Well, misery loves company so, I decided to spread my misery around via this website which extolls my truth in an unadorned but, hopefully funny way.
    As the quotes in the right column say (you did notice the quotes in the right-hand column?), this is only my truth. As you can see my truth is much uglier than you thought.
    I hope you enjoy it, feel free to give me your feedback; good, bad or indifferent and spread the word.
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